Top 5 Gifts for People Working from Home

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2020 has been a year of coming together with our neighbors, surviving the turbalance of economic, political and social strife, and, for many, the transition to working from home. Working from home comes with it’s own set of difficulties and this makes for a perfect opportunity to surprise loved ones with new gifts for their home office. 


Planner Sets

Keeping everything straight while working from home can be daunting. A nice planner set will not only be stylish but also bring clarity to a busy work schedule. To keep the productivity flowing, include sticky notes and nice pens to round it out as a perfect gift. See the links below for some of my favorites.


Inspirational Artwork

From beautiful colors to funny quotes, artwork makes a space feel more alive. Give the gift of a laugh or a warm fuzzy feeling with these art pieces in the links below.


Coffee Maker

With many people drinking coffee at home instead of heading to the local coffee shop on the way to work, the desire for good, home-brewed coffee increases. 


Organizational Office Supplies

A nice set of organizing bins keeps the desk clean and looking good.


Exercise Equipment

Less walking to and around an office building means working out more at home. Whether it’s a Peleton or a weight machine, exercise equipment is a wonderful gift for those seeking to get and/or stay in shape.