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Appsumo is an amazing website that has deals on tech plugins, email services etc. Many are lifetime deals. I scored a $49 lifetime deal on wishlist member, mailpoet, and many others. So I don’t have to have a subscription every month for these plugins!

This is what I use to host 

I use the ProCreate App on my IPad Pro to create drawings, animations, product prints, ads and more. I love it!

Apple Ipad Pro

I have an Apple IPad Pro 12.9” with 512 GB but it’s a year or two old. I love it. I recommend it for anyone who uses their Ipad for art, watching Netflix, and who wants to almost replace their laptop.

Apple pencil

The Apple Pencil is amazing. I use it mostly when drawing in my ProCreate App. It makes smooth, pressure sensitive lines and gives great control over your drawing gestures. Choose the correct one for your Ipad. They are compatible with certain ones.

Coloring on fabric

Tulip dual tip fabric markers

These are great for coloring fabric like my coloring page t-shirts, totes, pillows, etc. You can find those in The Artistry Shop.

Tulip Fabric paint

These are great for painting fabric like my coloring page t-shirts, totes, pillows etc. You can find those in The Artistry Shop.

Coloring on paper

Prismacolor pencils

Prismacolor pencils are great for blending and getting rich colors. Used by artists and colorists, prismacolors synonymous with quality. This set has 150 pencils included. This is a higher end pencil set. 

Colored pencil set

If you are looking for a great set of colored pencils for a lower price tag, these are the way to go. With five stars and rave reviews, this set is perfect for the person who is new to coloring or for the seasoned colorist. 

Copic marker set

Copic markers are know as high quality designer grade markers. Fashion and interior designers use them as well as serious colorists. I have yet to purchase some but I have heard great reviews on them. 

Brush tip marker set

A great set for the beginner brush tip marker user. A little less expensive than the Copic set with a lot more colors, this set makes a great gift. 

Crayola markers

An oldie but a goodie, Crayola has been around since your childhood. You know their quality is in line with the price. 

Watercolor ground

Use this for creating surfaces that can be painted with watercolors, like coloring book pages.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor paint

 I love the Marie’s watercolor brand of watercolor tube paints. They are great quality for a reasonable price. 

Ceramic palette

A sturdy, well designed ceramic palette. Great for watercolors. 

Watercolor palette with lid

This a a great palette for watercolors. With plenty of wells to squeeze tube watercolors into four mixing spots in the middle, this palette will keep your watercolors wet longer and allow for organizing your colors better.

Paint brush set

This paint brush set has a great case and display aspect to it. With a good assortment of every size you will need when starting out, this set is a great first brush set and would make a great gift for the aspiring artist in your life.

Watercolor ground

Use this for creating surfaces that can be painted with watercolors, like coloring book pages, wooden surfaces, etc.

Acrylic painting

Acrylic paint

A great intro set of acrylic paints, the Myartscape brand has many wonderful reviews including pictures of the final product. Check it out for yourself.

Glass palette

Glass palettes are a must for acrylic and oil paint. The paint will peel off or be removed easily with a razor blade, making clean up a breeze. 

Stretched canvas

Stretched canvases for painting on. 

Oil painting

Winsor & newton Oil paints

Oil paints by Winsor & Newton are a great start for the new artist.

Brush cleaner

Used for cleaning brushes. 

Linseed oil

Linseed oil is used to thin out oil paints and cause them to dry slower. Used for layering paint.

Stretched canvas

Stretched canvases for painting on. 

Cookie/Cake decorating

Sugarbelle squeeze bottles with tips

Sugarbelle has some nice cookie decorating supplies including these awesome squeeze bottles. You can change out the tips and use these instead of bags!

Wilton gel Icing colors

Wilton icing colors that are gel are perfect for tinting your royal icing. Gel colors don’t cause the icing to thin out like the liquid food coloring does.

Wilton meringue powder

Meringue powder is used for making royal icing. It is better than using eggs because you don’t have to refrigerate the cookies after!

Piping bags

Piping bags that stand up to the pressure of decorating your favorite cookies. A good deal for the price.

Piping tips set

Cake/Cookie decorating kit. There are 42 piping tips, a storage case, icing spatula, 12 pastry piping bags, 3 couplers, and a cleaning brush. It’s a great starter kit.

Wilton cookie decorating tool set

This set comes with three tools to make the perfect cookies.  A scribe tool, small angled rubber scraper, and a 3 pronged comb.


Granola Bar Pans. I have a pampered chef snack bar maker that I love, but there is this other brand if you want thicker bars instead of thin ones. The pampered chef one is nice because it has a lid as well for storage.


George Foreman Grill

I highly recommend using a George Foreman grill for indoor grilling of meat and veggies. The grease drains out, making it a healthier option for cooking meat especially.

 Whatever one you choose, I strongly suggest you get the ceramic removable plates. They are so easy to clean. Don’t test it with the metal ones. The ceramic is the way to go.

Art Business

Sticker mule has a great service of printing different kinds of stickers, poly mailers, and more from your designs. Click the image or here to get a $10 credit.


Printify is a Print-on-Demand (POD) company that you can upload designs to and have them printed on various objects and clothing.