The Inside Scoop on the Artistry of Paint Parties Membership

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What is the Artistry of Paint Parties membership?

This is the membership for you if you love to attend paint parties, have your own paint party business, or would like to start a paint party business. It includes:

  • Access to the vault of acrylic painting tutorials for you to paint along with and to teach to your students!
  • Printable Templates to trace for Canvas sizes 8″x10″, 11″x14″, and 16″x20″.
  • Printable Templates to trace for Porch Leaners.
  • Printable Templates to trace for Circles.
  • Supply lists.
  • Step-by-step printouts for each painting.
  • Editable flyers for each painting.
  • Courses on running paint parties.
  • And More!
Let's look at these in more detail below:

Painting Vault

The Painting Vault is all of the paint party painting lessons. More are added as time goes by including canvas paintings, porch leaners, circle paintings and more.

There are many different themes including seasonal porch leaners, animals, the beach, flowers, wreaths, Christian and so many more added all the time.

Each lesson usually has a video showing how to paint it (Sometimes I may paint a smaller version, like a porch leaner, since it is easier to film). It also has a supplies list, step-by-step instruction sheet, flyer, and printable tracer template.


Printable Tracer TEmplates

Each lesson comes with a printable tracer template when appropriate. You just have to have graphite transfer paper, the printed out template, and a pencil to transfer the design to your canvas. This allows even beginner painters to have an easier time with creating a beautiful masterpiece!


Supply List

Each lesson comes with a supply list to help you prepare for your painting. Most supplies will be similar, but paint colors, brushes, and canvases may be different depending on the painting.


Step-by-step printouts

Each lesson has a step-by-step printable. These are for personal use and for using at your in person paint parties! They are not allowed be shared for free or sold however. You may not publish them. They are for you and your students to have as a reference.


Editable Flyers

Each painting comes with an editable flyer to advertise your paint party! Use Canva to edit your info and share the image (not the template link) online or print out and distribute in person at stores, libraries etc. All text is editable. They are eye-catching designs that are sure to create excitement and get you customers!



Courses are provided to help you with your paint party business. From how to land a venue to how to price your parties, you will have a plan to start and increase your business.

Courses to learn painting techniques etc. are on the roadmap to be added over time.

As you can see, the Artistry of Paint Parties Membership has an amazing array of features!


I also sell individual lessons. Check out a free watercolor lesson here: Jellyfish Watercolor Lesson