How to Build a Cereal Box City For Free

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Boxes have been kids’ favorite toys since boxes were invented. It allows imagination and creativity to flourish in young minds. So it is no surprise that I have come up with this craft idea using old Girl Scout cookie boxes, food boxes and tissue boxes.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Boxes
  • Tape, glue, or other adhesive
  • Paper (You can print the digital papers Building Paper Pack used in this tutorial below:


  • Print on or use card stock paper to strengthen the top rampart. Or use cardboard to back the rampart.
  • Print paper in different sizes to fit boxes better, just make sure to print both files the same size or else the bricks will be different sizes.


Step 1: The Front

After printing and cutting out the design and prepping the box by taping down an flaps, Place the door paper on the box.

Make sure the box is sealed on all sides. Glue or tape the castle paper to the box with the door on the wide side.

Step 2: Add the top

Cut the extra off of the top of the paper.

Cut the white spaces out.

Trim the bottom to a shorter distance.

Glue or tape to the top of the box, overlapping the previous paper.

Step 3: Add the back

Cut the white spaces out of the paper.

Glue or tape the back paper to the back of the box.

Cut off excess.

Step 4: Cover any gaps

Measure and glue or tape existing spaces over with excess paper.

You are done! How cute is this?!


This is printed 8.5” x 11” on a canon printer that prints edge to edge. I would suggest changing the print size to match the box size.

Step 1: Add the front paper

Glue or tape the brick back paper on the box.

Cut the corners with slits to the top of the box.

Trim each piece to fit the top of the box. Fold over and glue or tape each flap.

Step 2: Add the front

Add the front paper to the front of the box.

Trim to size. You may have to take a row of windows off if you don’t print to size.

Add extra pieces to cover gaps.

You are done!


(This is unfinished, I still had cereal in here haha) Follow the same steps as the brick building, but you won’t have to cut off the windows.

The Coloring Building

Follow the same steps as the brick building. You may color before or after you adhere it to the box.

Enjoy your custom box city!

Enjoy your box city for hours of fun play time. Use toy cars and roads to make your own city!