I’m so glad you found me! I love to create art and inspire you to do the same. I am an artist, writer, baker, and way maker. If you want to paint, I’ll paint with you. Making cookies? I’m there. Creating a giant inflatable castle? Did it already (for real, that was a class project in my university art class!). Whatever whim or flight of fancy I get, I want to share it with you. Because we were all made to be creative. We just express it in different ways.

Art School in my College Days

I have a BA of Art, but I’ve been creating since I was born. I used to make mud pies, cakes, cookies, and coffee (adding bubbles to it for the creamer) and sold it for a small fee to my amazing grandpa. He has always inspired me to create and showed me how to do a lot of cool stuff.

I look forward to sharing more art and fun times with you!