DIY Dollar Tree Craft: How To Create an Arched Window Wall Decor Under $3

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Arched Window with Image Inside

This is a cute and easy craft that is customizable and has many different applications. From wall art to wedding decor, you can use this technique to create a unique piece of art!


  • Arch from Dollar Tree (In the Picture Frame Section)
  • Printer or image from a magazine, painting etc.
  • Hot Glue, or other type of glue that adheres to paper and plastic
  • Optional: mini clothes pin

Step 1. Remove

First, remove the cardboard from the frame (unless you like it. You can keep it on there if so.)

Step 2. Print an image

Print or obtain an image for use behind the frame. You can use free stock images from websites like Pixabay or paint a picture, use an old photo, or tear out a page of a book or magazine.

Line up the image behind the frame where you would like it to appear.

Step 3. Trace the Image

Trace the outline of the picture frame.

Step 4. Cut Out the image

Cut the outline of the photo out using scissors.

Step 5. Glue the Image

Glue the image to the back of the frame using hot glue or other glue that works on paper/plastic.

Step 6. Add the Clothes Pin


You are finished! You can also add 3 more frames and glue them together to create a lantern. Just repeat the steps of this tutorial and glue them all together. Add a square foam board bottom and you now have a table centerpiece. Add a fake tea light inside to illuminate.